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Excellent articles on how to react to friends suffering

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Hat tip to Jeff.

What Not to Say to Those who are Suffering Part I and Part II. These quick posts also coincidentally cover what to say when someone is suffering.


  1. Sammie

    ugh. How sick I am of the "look on the bright side" comments. Thank you for sharing those posts.

  1. Gary

    Thank you for reading & commenting, Sammie!

    I thought it might pique your interest. It wasn't directed at anyone, though. Just, after losing a friend to depression and then almost losing another one recently, it was very relevant for me.

    I'm thankful that God's taking care of that friend -- wait, no. I want to say I hope that the one I lost is in his care, too.

  1. Gary

    P.S. Sammie, you might also also like this inspirational video. It's on a Chinese website, but the video's in English. Just watch the first 45 mins or so.