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This was a weird dream

Posted by Gary Labels:

Alright. I promise I'll do the next episode of Philippians soon. But for now, I want to write down what I remember of my dream last night.

It started off pretty regular, with Obi-Wan Kenobi battling General Grievous. But then it switched to a scene with me watching TV. Satan appeared on TV with blazing eyes, a blazing aura, and pretty mean horns. Red skin, and for reasons I'll never understand, he was wearing a black turtleneck. Someone else was with me in the room who did not perceive the demonic moment. Another demonic occurrence occurs. Since I'm the only one that perceives them, I am clearly possessed or at least haunted in this dream. I'm too terrified to speak in those moments. My protests are pitiful and unvoiced.

But then the scene switches. I am now with two other people in a living room. I look to my left and for no apparent reason I see a hidden message spelled out in sweet peas. Yes, sweet peas. It says "I'm going to possess him next" or something like that, referring to one of the others in the room. The guy in the room with me then starts to turn into a demon physically, almost. You know, blazing eyes and horns and what-not. So I say "I banish you in the name of Jesus!" Really, I was freaking out at the sight, but I knew who to call. And it worked.

The scene switches. I'm at my Grandma's old house with this guy and his son. Satan's at the screen door, still dressed in that stupid turtleneck. I tell the guy to take his son and run. He does so. So, I think about how Jesus is my light and I run toward the screen door and cock my right arm back for a major punch to the prince of darkness's face. In the middle of the dramatic jump, with me poised to give the devil the face-punching of his life, the alarm goes off and I wake up. He won't be so lucky tonight.


  1. Gary

    This leads me to some interesting thoughts for interpreting Revelation. Not that my dream was necessarily prophetic, but the murky way I wrote. Dream-memory is so fluid. I usually don't remember dreams. And I know there are details I'm leaving out. There was a specific recurring thing in the dream. I think it was something about a passage I was reading recently. Or maybe it was a random and irrelevant thing that popped up. But I know something from yesterday recurred in the dream and I don't remember what.

    When you write down your dreams? What details are murky to you? When you read this note, what details are murky? Why are dreams so hard to describe? I *assume* Satan is the figure, since he didn't self-identify in the dream. I remember clearly that Satan wore a black turtleneck in the final scene, but on TV his aura of crackling flame (I omitted the sound detail) and the blazing eyes are the features that stood out. He may not have been wearing a turtleneck then, I don't remember.

    Revelation is a bit wacky, but *ALL* dreams are wacky.

  1. Gary

    Notice how awkward my grammar is just in writing *about* the dream. I think we can also excuse John's grammar for being strange. Now, at least, I can forgive him for a few grammar errors.

    Notice my present tense "My protests are pitiful and unvoiced." Why did I slip in a historic present there? It was accidental.