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Urgent prayer request

Posted by Gary

At one in the morning last night, a friend of mine called me and asked me to give her a reason not to take her life. Please pray for her. We'll call her M to keep her anonymous.

It's now almost 9 in the morning. I spent the night tossing and turning and I feel sick to my stomach.

I already promised my best friend yesterday that I'd spend today in prayer and fasting for his sister, Jessica, who is in a coma and may die in the next two days.

And my mother is having a gastric sleeve operation on the 9th.

And I will know whether I've been accepted to Abilene Christian University for the fall on the 7th. I still don't have any scholarships, and it's $27,000 a year.

Psalm 80. Kyrie, Eleson. Lord, have mercy.


  1. Scripture Zealot

    I will pray for you. That's too much to handle.

  1. Scripture Zealot

    I'm glad to hear there is some stabilization in a couple of areas at least. I can certainly understand how a thing can seem bigger than they are sometimes.

    I have been suicidal myself (though would never do it) and I always gasp when I hear others who are. It's so awful.

    I pray God will comfort you, use you and use this to grow closer to Him.

  1. Gary

    Thank you. We've discussed this before, since we both have handled depression.

    I will grow closer to Him through this. The Lord is close to the broken-hearted, and the crushed in spirit.

    By the way, have you ever read the book of Tobit? It may be apocrypha, but it has a lot to do with God redeeming people who are in such pain and disgrace to wish for death. I'm about halfway through it at the moment. Haven't read it in a while, since it's not canon. May not be inspired, but it's inspiring, I think.

    (Note: I deleted my first comment to clarify that I wasn't exaggerating about M, I was exaggerating about saying I might have messed things up with the girl I like. I guess you figured that out.)

  1. Scripture Zealot

    Yes I did understand what you meant.

    I haven't read Tobit and I will look at it. I have it in the REB.