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Prayer Request Update

Posted by Gary

M seems to be doing alright. She's still living, which is a relief. Seems cheered for the moment. Will update again before long.

My best friend's sister, Jessica, seems to be stable and they may be able to perform surgery on her and heal her. We'll know for sure tomorrow. The journal of her status can be found here.

Yep. Things seem to be calming down. Wednesday night I got no sleep and didn't eat until about 6 pm so I could fast, as I promised. But after that point I had some dinner and wound down. I think I got 6-7 hrs of sleep, but it didn't feel very restful. So I napped in the afternoon and now I'm better emotionally and physically.

I've had several spiritual ups and downs. Thank God for His grace. For SOOO many things. Jesus has given us grace upon grace -- the Word is full of grace and truth.


  1. Scripture Zealot

    Good to hear. I know you're not out of the woods yet. Thanks for the update.

  1. Gary

    Yeah. I've decided I'm taking next/this week off from blogging and facebook. Keeping the phone off on MWF as well.

    Solitude with God should be therapeutic.

  1. Jim Swindle

    I've dealt with suicidal people--sometimes successfully, at least once not. It's exhausting.

    May the Lord hear your prayers. May he guide and strengthen you. May he give you wisdom and courage to do what's right, such as your decision to take time away from these electronic distractions. Enjoy the Lord's presence.