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Published Response to the Talon of 10/30/09

Posted by Gary Labels:

Oklahoma Christian University's student-run newspaper, The Talon, ran a patriotic opinion article recently.

I decided to publish a response article: "A Christian Perspective on Warfare." I forgot to title it, but the editor gave it a good title.

Update: Someone decided to respond to me: "Defending this Nation's Guardians."

I love taking any questions about pacifism -- or religion in general. Please approach in kindness, love, and humility. I hope that I've exhibited those traits so far.

I want to challenge people to really read their Bibles. Not just vaguely remember that some passage exists somewhere that mentions this or that, but actually know what's going on and why. Biblical education is necessary, because the Bible is too good to not share, and God is too good to keep to ourselves.