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Here's a little about me and my short-term goals.
I've taken three years of Greek and one of Hebrew. While my Hebrew has kinda gone unused, I've stayed sharp in Greek enough to use it in a way that (hopefully) edifies God's people. My Hebrew is good enough to understand a technical commentary (usually) even if I don't read fluently at all.

So, my projects right now include:
1. Go through Romans (NIV/ESV/Greek) with Leander Keck's commentary on Romans.
2. Go through the Pentateuch (NIV/ESV) with Hamilton's commentary.
3. Continue work on my audio Greek New Testament.
4. Write a book on Pacifism.

Sadly, I don't know how to import sound files to blogspot, or else I'd load a sample clip of Philippians 1 at medium pace.

Speaking of audio Bibles, I just bought the Bible Experience (Old Testament) for my family. I'm really excited and hope it arrives in the mail soon. It was only 36 bucks completely new on Amazon, so I couldn't pass up this Christmas present for the family!


  1. Bryon Greek New Testament

    What this about? Sounds interesting.

    ...I just bought the Bible Experience...

    Some of the voices, especially the voice for God, didn't capture me as much as some of the voices did in the NT. Nehemiah is currently my OT BE favorite.

  1. Gary

    It's gonna arrive for me sometime between the first and 16th. I'll upload it to my computer, but it's also a gift to my mother, who has trouble reading. It will help her to get into the Bible if we listen to it together, I hope.

    Although I would be interested in hearing Samuel L. Jackson as God (NT), I've heard bad things about the way the epistles are done. First, I don't want songs to be there when I listen to the epistles. Secondly, I don't want multiple voices. Even if there were multiple authors (at the very least Paul + Timothy), it is the Paul of faith who wrote the letters, so only one voice per letter is what I want.

    And the audio Greek New Testament is just what it sounds like. If you give me an email address, I'll send you the first 2 chapters of Philippians.

    I had a cold, so I've been set back on this project. Now I can get back on track.

  1. Bryon

    I don't want songs to be there when I listen to the epistles

    Me either. The songs are partially a track unto themselves. I deleted it. ;-) The last trace-bits in other tracks, I probably broke the TOS agreement, and I edited song parts out of the other tracks. ;-)

    If you do ever get the NT, I have the fix...

  1. Gary

    Cool! If I do get the NT, I'll let you know.