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The sons of Korah

Posted by Gary Labels:

This Australian band is something I've been seeking for years now: a band that takes a strong Psalmic focus in their songwriting, and yet also has enough Biblical education to know what they're talking about. I wonder sometimes how competent artists are.

Far from emo, though, The Sons of Korah seek to express spirituality in all its facets, as the Psalms themselves do. Much as I love Vineyard worship, 90% of what is sung at my favorite church is an ecstatically happy song from us to God. That is wonderful, sure, but there are other song types that are neglected.

My very favorite psalm, for instance, is Psalm 46, which is a confession of (communal) faith. "We will not be shaken, even when all Hell breaks loose, for the Lord Almighty is with us." The best adaptation I've heard of this psalm is "Even If" by Zoegirl.

The Sons of Korah perform a cry for vindication/deliverance, Psalm 3.

Here they perform Psalm 23, which is a joyful proclamation of a relationship with God. That is an element that Vineyard churches are definitely doing well in already, but I just love this band enough to post this, anyway.

But life's not always flowers and butterflies and cupcakes and kittens. Sometimes, life hurts. Psalm 32
is a confession of sin/repentance, as is Psalm 51.

Lastly, let me give props to them for actually integrating Psalm 137 into Christian worship.

I'm not particularly out to criticize here; I just hope to point people to stuff they may not express well on their own. Worship is to be passionate, and it is a romantic relationship, but that's not the whole of spiritual experience. Still, the Lord is sooooo good. The Sons of Korah have several other psalms that they've brought to life. I won't post all of them here. If you want all the links, though, just ask.

Peace, grace, love, and freedom to you all.