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Is an interesting reference site. Check it out here. They've got several translations to use, mainly of the more ancient word-for-word variety. At present, I am unsure how much of this is because of a conservative mindset on what makes a good translation, and how much is based on the fact that those things are public domain.

In addition to that, you'll find the Greek text of the LXX, older critical editions (again: public domain) such as the Wescott-Hort text, and even the brand-new SBL Greek New Testament! There's Greek and Hebrew interlinears, if you're into using Greek/Hebrew with training wheels. Strong's Concordance (again: public domain) is also accessible. There's also versions in Latin and other languages.

I find the question and answer section interesting. I might participate in that.

I'm also interested in the contest to get a free hardcover 1611 KJV -- 400th anniversary edition. The contest ends tonight at midnight, and this blog post is my entry. Yay!


  1. Gary

    I won the drawing. SWEET!