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Mission Trip to Tuba City, AZ

Posted by Gary

Tomorrow morning I will leave town for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As I was typing this, I had to switch living arrangements for Wednesday to Saturday -- I just got a call saying that now would not be a good time for them to have guests. Fortunately, they found someone else who would be happy to let me stay. I know this guy indirectly; his sister is a good friend of mine.

So, on Saturday we will be heading to Tuba City, Arizona. It's a small Navajo and Hopi reservation with some truly wonderful people. Our goal is to do acts of service for the church and community, go door-to-door in small groups and pray with people, and put on a VBS for the kids.

Here's the promo video. I wear a white "Oklahoma Christian" hoodie throughout some of the pictures, and I'm also the fool balancing the ball on his nose.

Sorry that the opening is a bit corny.

Please keep this mission trip in your prayers. I won't be back until Christmas Eve or Christmas day, so no more posts or comments from yours truly until then.