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New Year's Goals

Posted by Gary

My goals for this upcoming year:
1. Pray more - come up with a daily prayer routine which emphasizes thanksgiving and praise at least as much as petition.
2. Seek recovery by any means available.
3. Daily exercise regimen. Probably going to start with alternating between sit-ups and push-ups. Also focusing on eating less pizza, even if it is free.
4. Restore broken friendships.
5. Overcome three bad habits.
6. Go through the Pentateuch thoroughly. Perhaps, then, Psalms.
7. Gain a savings of at least $1,000 to be saved for emergencies.
8. Gain more social connections.
9. Go through the Pentateuch thoroughly.
10. Fully learn the vocabulary for Tobit. Afterward, maybe restart Jeremiah (in Greek).
11. Relearn Hebrew.

As you can see, academics are not going to be my primary focus -- for once. I don't have to completely succeed in all of these to be satisfied at the end of the year -- I'm setting high, longer-term goals on purpose. Most of these things will take more than a year, I suspect, but I expect to make good progress toward each goal.